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Welcome to my site,

Formerly, this site used to be a blog. Currently, it is adhering to the principles of a Digital Garden and following the guidelines of Brutalist Web Design. It is intended to be a collection of notes, a learning journal and a reference -- all growing organically. Parts of this site and other additional content (including a gemlog) are available at (using Gemini).

Technical details about this site are available on the site details page.

You can still find most of my old "blog posts" here:

Some topics on Machine Learning:

There are some areas about programming languages I frequently use, in no particular order:

And other frameworks/tools:

About me

I'm a software engineer at Red Hat1 working on distributed applications, process automation and machine learning. I have a PhD in Bayesian Statistics (specifically in Sequential Monte-Carlo methods for long-running streaming data) from the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Physics at Newcastle University, UK.

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  1. All opinions on this site are my own, not Red Hat's.