External media

Since I switch OSes frequently1 having a minimum-hassle filesystem for my external drives would be very convenient. exFAT2 seems to me like the best solution. In fact, exFAT is the default FS for SD cards and USB flash drives with more than 32Gb. So perhaps, if have a large-ish USB pen or an external drive, chances are you don’t even need to reformat it.


My software of choice for backups at the moment is Kopia3.


Optimise PNGs

To optimise an entired folder of PNGs, you could use optipng. Install it on macOS using

$ brew install optipng

and then apply it recusively with

$ find . -name "*.png" -exec optipng -o7 {} \;

  1. I macOS and GNU/Linux (specifically Fedora and Ubuntu) daily, Windows seldomly. ↩︎

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