External media

Since I switch OSes frequently [1]1. I macOS and GNU/Linux (specifically Fedora and Ubuntu) daily, Windows seldomly. having a minimum-hassle filesystem for my external drives would be very convenient. exFAT [2]2. ExFAT. seems to me like the best solution. In fact, exFAT is the default FS for SD cards and USB flash drives with more than 32Gb. So perhaps, if have a large-ish USB pen or an external drive, chances are you don’t even need to reformat it.


My software of choice for backups at the moment is Kopia [3]3. Kopia website.


Optimise PNGs

To optimise an entired folder of PNGs, you could use optipng. Install it on macOS using

$ brew install optipng

and then apply it recusively with

$ find . -name "*.png" -exec optipng -o7 {} \;